And discover how easy it is to KPOP your life

Hi, I’m Shirit

You know…

How sometimes we go in circles until we discover something that’s been with us all the time? Know this feeling? been there? That’s precisely what happened to me with the KPOP WORKERS. 

Change in the air

I always loved to change. Changes allowed me to explore myself. To discover new abilities. And more important, routine ever made me restless.

I admit it wasn’t easy!

Definitely not!!

Everyone around me wanted things to stay the same. I wanted something else.

So, I didn’t give up and continued to change

And believe me, it wasn’t easy!

Women, in the past and also nowadays, are expected to be either a mother or to have a career.

Does it sound familiar?

For someone like me, who wanted to have it all, it felt like total oppression.

It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t give up!

Who leads the way?

Long before “change” became fashionable; it was a best seller in my life. I let my inner passion and my core values – “freedom” and “constant upgrading” to lead the way.

I dared … and I tried …I failed and more often I succeeded to create the change.

At least five times until now.

Once every five years, I started feeling a passion for reinventing myself. Just like Madonna. In the business world, they call people like me- “entrepreneurs.” In my parents’ house, I was the “annoying restless girl.”

But I didn’t care.

The drive to reinvent me drew its power from my passion, my talents, and changes around me. Inspirational people whom I met, contributed their share and supplied the courage to the next chapter.

The world has changed

Today, everyone needs to reinvent himself to stay relevant and enjoy fulfillment. And only those who remain loyal to their core manage to reinvent themselves.

We find them all over the world: they shine from a distance; they inspire and they create milestones for those who follow them. Every 5-10 years, they feel the passion for creating a new chapter in their lives.

They are the KPOP WORKERS. And they inspire the world. And what about me? well, I am more than proud that the “annoying restless girl” got the right title: she also is a great KPOP WORKER 🙂




Founder of KPOP WORKERS:
reinventing yourself in the new era.



  1. Reinventing yourself is a way of life
  2. Executing your talents is a great start.
  3. Hanging on due to fear is a sin.
  4. Always follow the bigger picture.
  5. You are the boss of your new chapter.
  6. Never compare yourself to anyone.
  7. Failure is an opportunity to try again.
  8. Your “bigger cause” is your fuel.
  9. Always be great, and you won’t have to regret.
  10. Move…move… move…now!